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Tips on How to Deal with a General Contractor

Hiring a general contractor to work on your home can be quite stressful not to mention expensive, however, this does not have to be the case. When it comes to hiring contractors you need to take care, make sure each potential candidate comes with current references and have good reputations locally. Also, make sure you have clear agreements and expectations before any contractor starts working. It is important you keep open communication and still allow them to get on with their job. Some flexibility and understanding from everyone involved will help to create a good working relationship and a good end result.

Look for personal referrals, all the online listings can often overwhelm people, which makes it harder to judge a contractors quality and record of workmanship. Start your research by asking friends, family members, and even neighbors, as a personal recommendation from someone you trust goes a long way to making a more informed decision.

Know what the rights questions are to ask each candidate. When you can talk to people that have more experience with contractors, it will be helpful to focus your questions in order to get a better picture of each contractor’s work. Ask each one if the contractor kept open and clear communication throughout the job. Were they able to clearly and concisely answer all questions to their client’s satisfaction?

Draw up a shortlist, even after you have a glowing review, you must try to draw up a shortlist that has a minimum of 3 different contractors that you can approach and discuss your project with. You should be able to find numerous local contractors using personal recommendations, adverts and online listings. If you want to know more about our general contracting services please call Risen Productions and Constructions LLC at Ada, OK today on (580) 440-0307.


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